Collision of Worlds

The pages listed below will give experienced gamers a glimpse and idea of the wide variety of role play and adventure that can be found in our world. For those new to online text games or MUD gaming, information can be found about how it is done, why it is done, and how to start so that their experience will be more enjoyable right from the start.

Welcome, Adventurer, to Our World.....

Game Rules!


Insuring fairness and enjoyment for our guests



Recent Changes to the Evolving Game

What is a MUD?


The WHAT and WHY of MUD Gaming

Newbie Experience:


How to start a character, what to expect, and how to ease into the game

Game Concepts:


The Concepts used to plan and design our game world

Our Universe:


The universe, geography, calendar, and technology base of our world

World History:


A short history of the world and its inhabitants



Maps of the known world and various common places.

Races, Magic, Skills:


Help files for the Races, Magics, and Skills found in the world



Help files for game play Commands

Special Features:


Player Religions, Homes, Businesses, Government Jobs, Guilds... etc.

Roleplay Guidelines:


Guidelines and suggestions for better Role Playing

Links and Credits:


Other Websites of Interest and Our Thanks to Those Who Have Helped

Contact Us:


Complaints, Plaudits, Ideas, Requests, Applications, Staff Positions

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