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Special Thanks From Collision of Worlds

Thanks go to the following individuals who help us out on a daily basis. Without their support, this game would not be what it currently is and will not become what we envision.

The Staff

Implementor (IMP)- Volksbug
Webpage Developer- Sona
Head Builder- Sona
Builders- Belameephus, Emaichem
Game Moderators (IMM)- Sona, Belameephus
New Player Guides (GID)-

The Code Base

The journey in which you are about to partake is called Mudding. It is for the imaginative person.
Someone who enjoys reading books would find this experience an adventure that changes on a daily basis. If you are into shoot 'em up graphical games, then stop in, we'll make a MUD addict out of you.

There are few limitations to the experiences you can have within the game. Wandering about exploring our world, grouping with other players to overcome challenges, bartering and trading to gain wealth, becoming a political leader or managing your own kingdom, or finding new friendships or romance ... all are possible in our world.

Come on into our world and find out for yourself.


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